aRzu, Joan, Ludwig & Tiago
aRzu saglam 
I am an artist working in the mediums of Sound Art and moving image. I create audio visual projects, work in recording and sound design.
In 2007, while studying Anthropology, Film studies and Art History in the University of Zurich, I decided to shift towards a creative path, identifying more and more as a practicing artist.
For many years I have also worked as an amateur actor with a number of theatre groups, including a production at Junges Theater Basel and participated in independent productions at Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zurich.
2013 I graduated in Animation 2&3D from HSLU, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and spent one year of my studies at MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.
Since 2014 I‘ve been working as a freelancer for several film makers including Claudius Gentinetta, Eva Stotz, Lina Walde and Theatre Collective Berlocken. For the collaboration with Stotz „One Million Steps“ I was honored with a „Best Animation-& Experimental Film“ prize at Bamberger Kurzfilmtage.
I have worked in performance productions, technical support and as a creative advisor at Tanzfabrik Berlin and the Uferstudios Berlin and with choreographers such as Jo Parkes, Juan Dominguez and Choy Ka Fi.
My background in humanities and art theory enables me to structure and imagine, be audacious and bring together what seemingly does not belong together. I like making them work their wonders. I am driven by a curiosity that leaves me no other choice but to take up the challenges and solve the puzzles creative projects put forth.
I am currently living in Brussels and recently graduated from EPAS (European Postgraduate in Art of Sound) at KASK Conservatorium.

Joan Cot Ros
I was born in Barcelona in 1985. I graduated in Music Composition at University College Falmouth (incorporating Dartington College of Arts) in England, where I specialised in contemporary classical composition and free improvisation. I’ve composed for all types of classical ensembles, jazz ensembles, interdisciplinary projects (circus, dance, theatre, poetry and literature), short films, feature films and advertisement, and recently I’ve been working on sound installations and visual works. At the moment I’m working as a music teacher in the music school of my home city, I work regularly with the contemporary circus company Animal Religion working on different projects and shows, play on my free-improvisation duet Iklo, conducting and arranging for the band Banda Fugarolas, working with a Joana Serra (light designer) on an installation commissioned to be premier on May 2019 and some other interdisciplinary projects where I can play and learn in equal parts.

Ludwig Meckel
was born 1984 in Germany (former east).
Bachelor of Arts in 2009 in Conservation/Restoration of Modern Technical Heritage.
Since 2013 working as piano maker and tuner at Steinway & Sons Berlin concert service. Working in recordings, amongst others, at Teldex, Emil Berliner Studios and Konzerthaus Berlin.
For many years I’m playing in different musical compounds coming from Punk to Funk to Jazz to free improvisations. After a “musique concrete” class with Thomas Gerwin at exploratorium Berlin in 2016, I drifted into experimental sound creations.
For me there is always a social aspect in music, which I try to realise in different ways.. e.g. workshop at Kunst-Stoffe-Berlin in creation of upCycling instruments.

Tiago Tobias 
I was born in Madeira (PT), a small island in the middle of atlantic ocean. I lived in Lisbon (PT) for 3 years and am currently living in Porto (PT), working for the National Portuguese Television and Radio Station RTP (since 4 years) as a creative/graphic /motion/sound designer and music composer).
I graduated with a BA in Design at UMA University (PT), did an erasmus in Kunst und Multimedia at LMU University, Munich, (DE) and finished this year a MA in Sound and Image specialised in Sound Design at UCP, School of Arts in Porto (PT).
Always loved arts, design and creative processes and conceptual thinking. I enjoy myself doing illustration and drawing, but music is my first and biggest love. I have been doing it for almost 10 years, some for TV, some for documentaries and promo videos, a lot for myself, including a full hand of shows and some collaborations with filmmakers, musicians and dance performers. I released this year, June 2018, my first official album called OPO by OTOOPO, a label co-funded by myself.
For now, my personal artistic focus is to do abstract composition with concrète music processes, using only field recordings and applying different types of listening and sound manipulation. As a theme, I’m exploring the different adaptation phases that occur when you change to a new space, like a new city to live, having in count its soundscape.